About Us

A project of years ago, a family project, based on a great passion, which had been gaining strength until become reality today.

I am a passionate collector and a connoisseur of wines, mainly Argentines. Also, i'm a lover of motorcycles and cruise trips and adventures. These passions are shared with Fabiana, my wife.

I say this because these loves are merged into Caminos Wine Boutique and become reality.

Along with Fabiana, we have opened a new concept, a wine boutique, whose leitmotiv will be to present each bottle with its history and production processes.

To do so, we constantly travel from Puerto Iguazu to the Major Wine Regions of South America, mainly in Argentina, recording interviews, videos, tanking photos and making reviews of each place, of each bottle.

All that we absorb through our senses we register it in a log, which back to the Iguazu Falls, our home, it becomes a sourcebook for the purchase of not only wine, but also an interesting story behind it.

We believe, indeed, that Caminos Wine Boutique, is a landmark in the area as far as relates to Argentine Wines.

Thank you very much, Fabian Nuñez & Javier Gutierrez